Productivity Hack: Write Everything Down

Productivity Hack: Write Everything Down

Last week, LinkedIn ran a Week of Learning. For one week, all the courses of the LinkedIn Learning app was free. (It hasn’t changed though)

I heard about it rather late - about four days in - but I was still able to take advantage of a few courses. So, for the next two/three days, I binged on them. I took the opportunity to learn some urgent skills. Especially the ones that I could use immediately.

 As a content manager, before now I did not have/use an editorial calendar. (I know! SHAME!!! ) Everything I wrote for my clients came off my head. Of course, I always had ideas which I sometimes wrote in my Google Keep but half the time, I kept a mental record. Everything was written in my head and like every other thing, I forgot quite a lot. For a writer, it is not exactly an admirable trait. In fact, it is a terrible habit.

Write your ideas down. Major 🔑

But then, during that LinkedIn Learning week, I specifically took a course on creating editorial calendars because I heard about it at a workshop the previous weekend. I thought it was a fantastic idea especially since I’m all for organization and structure. When I was done, everything changed. The 1hr 18min course covered everything I needed to know about creating and using an editorial calendar.

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Guys, I’m not even kidding. My job suddenly became easier and I became more productive.

Yesterday, I sat down and created an editorial calendar for two clients for the next one month. Of course, with the help of good ole Google Keyword Planner. By the time I was done I had created another board for all my guest posts ideas and the sites I wanted to write for.

I just went on and on and at the end of the day, I was pleased with myself. I also had time to work on other side projects.

Guys! Write everything down, it helps! Especially if you’re handling a lot. Notes and lists generally make life easier. Also, Trello is fantastic app too.

It sounds incredibly cliché but it works!

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