The Best Financial Lesson I Learnt In 2016

The Best Financial Lesson I Learnt In 2016

On the first of December, I received an email that would change the course of my life. At least in the short run. One of my biggest clients was giving me ( and a few of us) one month notice. Which meant by the end of the year, exactly on the 31st of December, we would have lost a major gig.

No explanation. None whatsoever.

Of course, I was shocked but soon I realized that I did not have the luxury to be shocked for too long as it would affect my other clients and the rest of the day. So, I gave myself 24 hours to get over it. After which, I was seemingly back to normal by the next day.

Now, it was time to think about the financial implication.

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Fortunately or unfortunately, I started saving about two months ago. I deceived myself into getting a target savings account. Of course, that did not work as I still had access to it. So about three months ago, I realized that I needed a develop a saving habit before the new year and just follow through. You know, new year, new me. So, I got some financial advice from one of my Twitter followers who also happens to be an Investment Analyst. After all the necessary advice and a crash course on finance, I started the 80/20 rule. I thought, finally this was the disciplined method I needed’ as I won’t have access to my money for at least three months.

The new year seemed promising. I could finally save without thinking about it. But then, that email came and left me almost shattered. As I mentioned earlier, I gave myself an ultimatum. I also started thinking about my other clients and how I would be able to sustain the saving momentum because frankly, it’s easier to save when the amount coming in is decent. You don’t even think twice about it. But what happens when it becomes less than decent?

I’ve resolved to keep at it no matter how little it seems because this is a lesson I need to learn.

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