The Illusion of ‘Starting Something’

The Illusion of ‘Starting Something’

A couple of weeks ago, I began to think about my plans for the new year which is usually centered around a theme/goal. 2016 has been the best year in my adult life so far and it is only natural I replicate the same strategy.

I took time out to learn everything I needed to learn to proceed in my career so by the new year I would have a definite plan and direction. But then along the way, I got absorbed by it all. When I saw how far our counterparts in the West had gone compared to us here in Nigeria, I immediately became depressed and couldn’t stop lamenting about our backwardness for days to no end. At some point, I stopped talking and started to think of all the companies offering solely what I wanted. Alas, there was none that I knew of. Yet. Then an idea got into my head and almost ruined me.

Start your own thing

Since no one was particularly offering what I specifically wanted, it started to sound more and more feasible. During that same time, I also began to hear things like, ‘your 20s are the best time to start (and fail) a business. ’ In my mind, I was ready. Come January, I’ll do this and this and officially launch.

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Then, I sought advice from a couple of startup founders on the effects of the absence of experience on their jobs as I was convinced that it didn’t really matter as long as I had a more experienced co-founder. Bearing in mind here that I’ve been a freelancer all through my career. I’ve never had a 9–5 except one time and that time doesn’t really count.

Moving on, I got obsessed with the idea and went even as far as starting proceedings to incorporate a company name. Unfortunately or fortunately, all the names I wanted were taken. I took that as a sign. Then I got other suggestions but they just didn’t fit.

It wasn’t me.

Another sign.

During that same period, I fell out with a couple of new clients and I thought I’d had it.

I was starting my own thing because no one was taking me serious as a freelancer and I wasn’t getting new clients.

From nowhere, I began to backpedal and take up pro bono jobs to keep my myself busy because I feared I was losing it. Before I knew it, I got a new client and then another one and suddenly I got so busy I couldn’t even see a movie.

When I had calmed down, all the intricacies of starting a business gradually began to dawn on me. It simply wasn’t in my life’s plan yet.

I wasn’t ready

But then everyday millennial are breaking glass ceilings and I thought for a moment that I could be one of them. I thought I was ready to do something groundbreaking. Turns out, I’m not. I still have a lot to learn.

So, I’ve decided to make a difference wherever I am and not allow myself be crippled.

You want that position? Go for it and give them a reason to want you. Bring something new to the table and dish it while it’s hot!

Cheers to 2017 and business ideas!

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