A Day in the Life of a Solopreneur with No Office.

A Day in the Life of a Solopreneur with No Office.

This post was inspired by Zim Ugochukwu


For the most part of my career, I’ve been a freelancer but in March 2017, I launched JunElevenCo; my content marketing outfit because I was ready to take my business seriously. (I might also have been convinced by an acquaintance.)

Starting up for me was relatively easy. All I had to do was to move by retainers to the company and work on finding new ones. So, I started with three clients in January and by June, I already had 5. To be honest, the last seven months has been crazy to say the least and I thought I should share my daily routine and how I manage five clients without an office or a team.

After a couple of months, I could afford to get a co-working space but I decided against it because my house was incredibly convenient. Electricity was decent and on good days, my ISPs allowed me to be productive. Plus, I didn’t have a team that needed to meet and my clients were fine with remote work. So, unnecessary meetings were canceled. I did not need that extra expense.

Of course, I knew all the benefits of working with other entrepreneurs but the commute wasn’t worth it. Plus, the closest co-working space was and is still quite a distance.

Anyways, here’s what my daily routine entails;

I try to take Sundays off to rest and relax. Sometimes, it works and I actually take a break to make some skincare products or work on some side project, other times, I work Monday to Sunday with significantly less work on Sundays.

8–9AM: I typically wake up on or before 8am. For the next one hour, I take some time for myself. I say my prayers, do some yoga and check my emails to catch up on some daily Tech news via TechCabal daily digest and any other newsletters. My clients generally prefer to communicate via WhatsApp and occasionally Slack. With the occasional conference calls, I never really have so many work mails to attend to. After which I go through my Twitter to check for any breaking news. Then I respond to any pending messages wherever. Typically, to-do lists are to be created first thing in the morning. For me, my to-do list is constantly updated throughout the day. So, by the time I wake up in the morning, there’s one waiting for me. Sometimes I go through my morning routine before I remember to get a mug of tea or glass of lemon water. Other times, I actually get up before setting to work.

9–10AM: I spend the next hour pushing out social media content for my clients and engaging with our audiences. As much as possible, I try to automate my work to avoid spending so much time posting content.

10–12PM: I’m a morning person so I write all my content (blog posts, articles, newsletters) in the morning. My best work is usually done between 10am and 2pm.

12–1PM: I push out afternoon content and grab some lunch whilst catching up on my Twitter timeline or Instagram feed. I never eat breakfast. I sometimes eat brunch but hardly breakfast. One time, I had ulcer but it went away and my body has adapted since then. In between, I also respond to my clients’ messages/requests and generally reply emails. I have a bad habit of checking my emails up to 50 times a day. Having previously been a freelancer, I like to be reachable at all times. Hence my work ethic also stems from being very responsive. Like a client can literally Whatsapp me at 11pm and I would reply. I might not really take action but I would definitely reply.

1-5PM: I continue whatever pending work I have to do for the day. My to-do list never ends and my brain never stops. I’m always thinking about the next strategy or planning another campaign. By this time, my brain is gradually starting to fade but I cross out some things anyway.

5-7PM: Every single day, I try to improve my skills. Either by reading an article, listening to a podcast or taking a course. Sometimes, it’s all three. I follow strategic accounts on my Twitter hence I have a well-curated feed that ensures that I’m constantly up to date. Whether it’s the latest Instagram or Facebook update or a new algorithm, my timeline supplies me with all of that information and so much more. So yeah, I spend a considerable amount of time on Twitter. I also always have a list of courses to take. Either a refresher or a brand new one, I’m always taking one course or the other. So, I take two hours of my day to learn something new.

7–8PM: I push out evening content and wrap up the day’s work.

8–8:30PM: My family members are constantly accusing me of being a workaholic so sometimes I take turns in making dinner. Not my favorite thing to do but I try.

9–11PM: If I’m not working on any side project, I unwind with a few episodes of Power, Queen Sugar or Blackish. (or all three)

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