4 Things I Learnt From Loosing Potential Clients

4 Things I Learnt From Loosing Potential Clients

Since the beginning of my writing career about four years ago, I have always challenged myself to take on new clients every year. With my short attention span of about six months to a year, I realized that I got bored and restless immediately the novelty of the job wore off.

This year was not any different. I came into 2016 with all the confidence and gusto I could muster. It’s eleven months in and I’ve fallen flat on my face more times than in my entire life.

But because bad experiences cannot go to waste, I’ve decided to share four lessons I’ve learnt which I figured were unique to the loss of my potential clients.

1. DO not overcharge.

One of the biggest issues I’ve had is charging. I do not know how to rate my skills. I’ve only recently gotten a hold of it but still. The first client I had gave me a price and I’ve used it as a benchmark since then. But this year, I decided that I was due for an increase so when I had the chance to pitch to a new client, I offloaded my charges on her without thinking. Let’s just say I haven’t heard from her since then.

[Spoiler: they were downright ridiculous!]

2. Try not to undercharge too.

Really, it swings both ways. Times are hard, the economy is shit and entrepreneurs are not having it. Naturally, you are expected to consider all of these factors before charging but that doesn’t mean you should undermine your skills and undercharge. You should be able to demand what you know you deserve and get paid for it. But the economy 😢

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3. Leave room for negotiation

How then do we balance it? Simple. Leave room for negotiation such that your pricing is fair on both parties and your clients wouldn’t have issues paying on time. It’s one thing to charge and another to actually get paid.

4. Keep at it

Loosing clients back to back can take a toll one’s esteem. So, it’s important to balance it and redirect the energy into other projects pending the time you’re ready to go at it again.

It’s been such a challenging last quarter but I’m incredibly hopeful for the new year.

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