Writer’s Diaries: Weighing the options.

After sending in my first guest post, I subconsciously decided to send at least one monthly until the end of the year. I figured if the editors were easily accessible and responsive I shouldn’t have any issue at all. So I wrote another one enthusiastically with so much hope that it would be published asap! Eventually, I sent in that article a total of four times until I gave up. Really. This was the last thing I needed. For a minute there, my confidence hit rock bottom and so I left the article in my draft and moved on with the intention of trying my luck one more time. I mean that was the only reason that restrained me from deleting the article or posting it on my blog.

You know how the internet is filled with every and anything? And how Google is all-knowing? Anyways, I sought solace on the internet and fell into the hands of Jon Morrow, Darren Rowse, Sophie Lizard, Jeff Goins and a ton of others. For the first time ever, the option of ”Freelance Writing” came up and it made perfect sense as I struggled with fiction. The idea of being paid per article didn’t seem far-fetched anymore. I read up on all I could, subscribed for tons of newsletters, stalked them on social media just so I could have an idea of what I was venturing into. Along the line, I began to pick the pieces of my confidence and before I knew it, I was back on track. The only problem was I would have to build my portfolio before I could attract the type of clients I wanted……by guest posting. Back to square one.

For some reasons, I held back. I was careful not to create an Elance account or order a Payoneer card or a DOM account no matter how tempting it looked. I needed to be sure I was ready for what I was up against and with no support system, I needed to take things really slow no matter how overwhelming it was. And so I stumbled on a Nigerian freelance writer’s blog. There’s a reason Nigerians repel other Nigerians especially when it comes to internet issues. I’m not any different from them. So this guy’s blog apparently had most if not all the answers and clarifications I needed. I downloaded his ebook as he seemed promising after which I reached out to him. I still had questions. Days became weeks and finally we exchanged contacts and hit it off on Whatsapp. I didn’t realize I was already in touch with my very first potential client.




  1. first potential client-love the sound of that..
    would love to havethelink tohis blog, need info on this too

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