How To Increase Your Conversion Rate On Instagram As A Lifestyle Brand

To be honest, lifestyle and beauty brands have it pretty easy. Their content strategy can be as simple (or complex) as organizing a styled photo/video shoot with a dash of user-generated content. Depending on how competitive the niche is, they can take it up a notch with influencer marketing. Most times, either micro or macro influencers work as long as the content is authentic enough and resonates with the audience.

So, why do some lifestyle brands STILL struggle?

In my experience, there are different reasons why this is the case but the biggest being the LACK OF COMMITMENT from the founders/co-founders, business owners or anyone in charge of marketing.

According to Reuters, the beauty industry is expected to reach a market value of $805.61b by 2023. Let that sink in for a minute. One thing these founders fail to realize is the high competitiveness of this industry. I mean you’re in the same industry with high street brands, celebrity brands, influencer brands and drugstore brands, what exactly are you bringing to the table?

Why should I leave my foolproof affordable skincare brand and patronize you?

Why should I buy a nameless pair of sneakers that I’m not even sure of the quality?

If you have a beauty or lifestyle brand and your not quite impressed with your current conversion rate on social media specifically on Instagram, here are five ways you can fix it.

Get even more creative

Maybe before now, you took Instagram for granted by not paying adequate attention to it. Or you have been spreading yourself too thin across all social platforms and you really can’t handle it anymore. All of these have somehow crippled your creativity. You need to find a way to get out of your creative rut and get inspired. Go on Pinterest. Go for an exhibition. Study your fave brands on Instagram and see what you can do better. Whatever it is, just explore your creativity and let it reflect on your marketing.

Pro-tip: One way to stay creative is by keeping up or tapping into trends.

Use Instagram shopping

I recently had a quick consultation with someone who had a makeup and beauty salon brand on Instagram. The first thing that jumped at me when I saw her page was the lack of Instagram shopping tags on her page. I almost screamed. That is the simple easiest thing you can to do to exponentially increase your conversion rate on Instagram. Don’t forget to take amazing/popping/catchy (whatever works for you) styled photos that would also encourage conversion.

Pro-Tip: Sign up for Instagram shopping now!!!!

Host Influencer Takeovers

Influencer marketing has been under so much criticism lately but the truth is when the campaigns are done correctly, the results can be really good. So, don’t completely give up on them. Explore both paid and unpaid influencer collaborations. As the organic reach on Instagram keeps declining, use your stories to host Influencer takeovers and expand your reach to bigger audiences. By working with influencers in your niche, you are exposing your brand to new audiences that will potentially buy from you.

Pro-Tip: Work towards one takeover per month.

Prioritize videos

If you are creating video tutorials of your beauty and lifestyle products in 2019, what are you really doing? If you are not telling stories with your beauty and lifestyle products in 2019, what exactly are you doing? Video is so important now for marketing and it will get even more important so brace yourself! While styled photography will take you only so far, videos will blow up your numbers when down correctly.

Pro-tip: If you’re worried about the gear or anything video-related, try Influencer/YouTuber partnerships. You’re killing two birds with one stone when the influencers create content for your brand.

Run user-generated contests

At the end of the day, it’s still important to build a community around your brand who eventually become brand advocates. Running contests where members of your community get to participate and hopefully win a prize increases your reach and encourages curiosity. I don’t know how many times, I’ve stumbled a post that was part of a #UGC contest and instantly piqued by the brand. The natural thing was to check out the brand and see what they were all about. No matter how many people participate, don’t get discouraged. Just make sure the incentive is juicy enough.

Pro-Tip: Use contests to grow and engage your following on Instagram to beat the algorithm.

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