Organize Your Social Media Assets With These Three Tips

One of the most common things I see while working with small business owners is how disorganized they can be. Of course, sometimes, this really isn’t really their fault as they have to wear so many hats at once. As a result of this, I’ve come to expect that certain things such as onboarding a new client can take some time.

But recently, I met the most organized small business owner and I was stunned at her level of organization and preparedness for scaling. According to her, she believed that her business will grow to a level where she would need to outsource everything necessary. She needed to be ready for that move.

Talk about an amazing attitude with a great sense of organization.

Of course, the client onboarding process which sometimes took a week took less than a day to complete all because she had all her social media assets in one place.

Now here’s my challenge to you small business owners:

If for some reason, your logos are somewhere unspecific on your computer or your product photos are still somewhere in your inbox (since the day the photographer sent the link to you) or you haven’t quite documented your social media strategy, here are three tips that should help:

  • Spend some time to gather all your assets wherever they might be and place them in one shareable folder. From your brand identities to your photos, videos, slides, mock-ups and marketing budgets. Every single document that you have used as part of your digital marketing strategy, place them all in one folder.
  • Organize them accordingly. It’s one thing to dump them in a folder, it’s another thing entirely to access them quickly. Spend some time to organize your social media assets. Nobody knows your business better than you do. Whilst organizing them, you will find some content that probably needs to be archived because they’re old and outdated. You’ll also find some content that needs to be reviewed or upgraded. Your job is to organize them into relevant sections.
  • Take stock of your assets. Sometimes you might not really know what you have because it has been hidden somewhere for so long. You never know how useful that file or that video clip can be for creating future content. By taking stock, you know what assets you have on ground and what you need to create subsequently.

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