4 Ways To Re-purpose Social Media Content for Email Marketing

For a long time, I struggled to put out email content consistently. Even though I was offering email marketing as a service, I did a shoddy job keeping up with mine. After a bit of back and forth, I realized I was struggling because I lack a simplified content strategy. While I was consistent with social media, I became too overwhelmed with client work to focus on my blog or even send out emails.

But I’m glad that’s all in the past as I’m currently taking baby steps to modify my entire digital marketing strategy.

While I was creating and scheduling emails to my mailing list for the month of August I realized that for the last first time in a while, I didn’t have any issue looking for content to send. This is because I have become more active by putting out weekly articles and posting daily LinkedIn content. As it is, I have more than enough content to repurpose for emails.

So I thought I should put out this nifty guide that can help one or three entrepreneurs struggling with creating an email content strategy on a consistent basis.

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Ideally, you should have a standalone email content strategy if you’re serious about converting your leads to clients but if you don’t and you just want to keep in touch with your leads; here are three ways you can repurpose your social media content:

Merge your Twitter Threads

Ever since the launch of Twitter threads, it has become increasingly popular to shed more light on a topic. It could be as short as five tweets or as long as a full-blown article of 30 tweets or more. Most times, some of us create threads at the spur of the moment to ensure that we don’t forget our ideas. So if you’re looking for email content to repurpose, your Twitter threads are a good place to start.

Use your lengthy LinkedIn posts.

I recently wrote about how to increase the quality of your social media content to increase conversion and one of the points I highlighted was embracing storytelling techniques. Some of us have started to work on our copywriting and storytelling skills by writing longer posts. In the past, it was easy to get away with short bit-sized posts but right now to get the most engagement, you need to add context to your posts. Putting all of these efforts into your LinkedIn posts means it is worthy of being repurposed as email content. So bring your best foot forward and always think long term.

Curate your Instagram captions

Still, on the topic of the storytelling, longer captions have also become increasingly popular on Instagram. So if you’re undecided on what to send as emails for the week, go through your captions. If they’re long enough for an email, pick one and refine it. If one isn’t good enough, string all your captions for the week into a valuable piece of email content.

Use Facebook posts.

If you belong to any Facebook group that thrives on storytelling, your posts can come in handy as email content. Just make sure you keep it short and sweet by highlighting the important points in your story with bullet points.

With these four options, you really don’t have a choice to not send regular emails to your mailing list.

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