August Faves

I haven’t shared my favorite things in so long. Usually, I wait until they are a substantial amount before writing them down. But now, I’m ready.

  • Books 

Janet Evanovich‘ Stephanie Plum Series


I’ve been reading a bit too much crime fiction lately. Sometimes, they get real intense that you just need a witty line or more to contain the heat. I had read Janet Evanovich before now and she wasn’t half bad so I didn’t hesitate to pick her up once again. This time, I was in for a major surprise. The Stephanie Plum series are 22-full length novels and I stumbled on the 9th. First of all, can I just say it’s incredibly addictive? I’m currently on the 11th novel and I have no plan of stopping. They’re a tie between chic-lit and crime fiction and they serve me just the way I like them – humourous, witty and fast-paced.

Elmore Leonard

Elmore is also another crime writer I absolutely cannot get enough of. Just like Janet, he makes crime fiction totally appealing. I’m currently on my third novel.


  • Others


I jumped on podcasts by accident and I haven’t been able to stop. I’m currently bingeing on Elizabeth Gilbert‘s Magic Lessons but I follow a couple of interesting Nigerians on Soundcloud.  I’ve also been having ideas of a podcast. Question is, what would I talk about?

Listen to the first episode of Magic Lessons here;


Instagram stories

I’m currently phoneless at the moment but I’ve been enjoying the thrill and duration of Instagram stories from my tablet. I love how I do not have to worry about aesthetics or editing or curation. I also love the spontaneity as it allows me to share bits and pieces of my daily life. I’m forced to look outwards and find beauty in my environment rather than my facial expressions.


As a content writer, one of my biggest challenges is aggregating my sources. For a while now, I’ve been jumping from one tool to another and so far, Protopage has been a staple. It is worth mentioning.


I’m quite indifferent to a lot of things. Most subjects actually. From politics to economics and sports. TheSkimm has changed all of that. Every morning, I receive bit- sized news in my inbox. Everything that is going on in the world. More efficient than Twitter and CNN. No jokes! I mean that is the only way I’ve been able to follow the Olympics and US Elections. Also, it’s millennial – friendly.

Techcabal Daily Digest

Just like TheSkimm keeps me up to date on world issues, Techcabal daily digests keep me informed on the tech scene in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. For the longest time, I kept denying and withdrawing from anything that had to do with tech and its technicalities. My excuse? Too geeky. But now, Techcabal has fixed all that. I mean, if you’re working in an industry, the least you can do is to be informed else you’ll be left behind.

Quartz Africa Daily Digest

Similarly, Quartz Africa keeps me informed on the most important news on politics and economics. I love how concise and easily digestible their articles are. When I’m ready to move to the next level in my career, I’ll probably start from there.

  • These lovely photos of me at NITC 15. Check out the new website –


  • Finally, my newsletter.

I’ve been sharing a lot of things with my subscribers. Those things I would rather not talk about but need to be addressed and it’s been fun. You can sign up here.

‘Is It Your Complete?’ – When A Partner Takes The Place Of God In Your Life

About a week ago, as I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, I paused at Noble Igwe’s photo to read the caption. I thought I saw something that stirred in me.

I actually saw this.


She Completes Me

I didn’t know when I typed a comment,

Oh wow. Your wife completes you and not God? Good to know.

I honestly don’t know where that came from. I never write comments especially on celebrities’ pages. I just scroll and pass. For this, I never intended to come off as a sanctimonious Christian but I couldn’t help it. Of course, by the time I got back a while later, my mentions were filled with his voltrons. Why do I follow him again? I heard him speak at Social Media Week and I thought he had a great sense of humor. I don’t care so much for his fashion sense. Anyway, the most striking comment in my mention was,

Is it your complete?

I found that hilarious.

But it got me thinking about why I was affected by that phase. One too many times, I’ve read about how people put their spouses in that place of complete and total adoration. Then you begin to hear things like, ‘he/she completes me’ and you wonder where the place of God is. Everyone clearly knows that Noble is completely besotted with his wife so he probably needed a way to express that without being cliche which I totally get.

I’m not a marriage counselor and I’ve never been married but I’ve been a Christian all my life so I’m pretty knowledgeable about the things of God to an extent. One thing I know for certain is that God is a jealous God and he doesn’t particularly like when his glory is shared or tries to be shared. It doesn’t get any more simple than that.

I’m probably reaching here and it might not be as serious as I am making it out to be. Heck, I didn’t even read the rest of the caption but it is serious because it pains me how we have taken the institution of marriage, abused it and left the rest of us with the remnants of hope to latch on to. Yes, your partner or spouse can be everything you’ve ever dreamed of. As in Noble’s case, she can be beyond your wildest imagination because it seems to me that he cannot still believe his luck. It’s simply unbelievable! No shade.  Also, it begs the question of the state of his faith.

Just as I was about to click publish, I saw this thread and I thought it perfectly summarized everything.



Someday, I hope we can all get into this headspace that no one can complete us. Not even our spouses talkless of our boyfriends. The earlier we begin to unlearn that, the better for our marriages and relationships. Also, the earlier we begin to reverence God by acknowledging him and putting Him in his place, the better for us all.

That being said, I wish Noble a happy married life and I hope to God that his marriage has begun on a good foundation.