How I Avoid Blogger Burn Out.

For folks like me, who write/blog for a living, blogger burn out is inevitable. Take it or leave it, writing is exhausting! There are times – which is more often than not – when my brain’s on overdrive. I’m obsessed/addicted to my posts. I sleep on them. I dream about them. I’m constantly thinking of what to write because I have deadlines and they have to be met.

For the longest time, I’ve never really had a blogging schedule. I just write whenever an idea pops into my head – this usually happens when I’m doing the dishes or laundry – or when I get inspired during my blog rounds. But lately, I realised that I needed some structure of sorts especially as this particular blog was lagging behind. I needed to a blog routine such that all three sites were not slacking.

The first thing I did was to find my groove. I’m a morning person. I’m the most productive between the hours of 8 and 12noon. After 12, I become jittery and restless so I stop and just continue with my blog rounds and/or get distracted by social media. Sometimes, I get inspiration off Twitter so its not a total waste of time. Usually, I gather content relating to my posts and save them in my Pocket for the next day.

Another thing I did was to make a blog schedule. I divide my time between weekdays and weekends. Weekdays are solely for Cosmo while Sunday nights are for AN and this one. I try to take breaks and not write on Saturdays except I have a backlog of weekday posts. Then on Sunday nights, I write and schedule posts for the week. Since the latter blogs are not very demanding, I could easily get away with a couple of posts. So, I have one post per week for each blog which is fine by me.

I try to take breaks in between by reading books, attending conferences/seminars, going to the movies, binge watching Empire or any other available show or studying for exams. Anything to take my mind off blogging but that doesn’t usually last very long. I still find myself worrying endlessly but I really try to take breaks. I realise when I take long extensive ones, I’m usually mentally relaxed. My brain actually slowly unwinds and whenever I decide to start writing again, the results are always phenomenal.

There are times when the inspiration is at its peak. I try to fully take advantage of this and because I enjoy what I do, I can keep the momentum going for a while. So yeah, I think it all boils down to whether or not you have genuine interest in what you’re writing. Blogger burn out could easily be avoided or better managed.


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