”Your Dreams Are Valid”

”Your Dreams Are Valid”

I made my first batch of whipped shea butter today and to be honest, I was gratified.

That single act meant one thing to me;

Natural Product Line.

The possibility of a natural product line.

I mentioned this to the girls and I can’t exactly say how thrilled they were, all I knew was that they were pleased with the idea. So I kept on rambling and ranting with the hope that they’d understand how serious I was.

But first it was an idea.

An idea of a business.

An idea of an all-natural homemade product line.

Then I kept on rambling. I didn’t care if they were tweeting away not paying attention to me. By now, they had probably heard enough especially since I currently didn’t have the means to implement this idea.





Raw materials

It all came like a rush of wind.



One day. Someday.

I have faith.

Today I kept on whipping and mixing. I didn’t have a hand mixer so I just used the manual one.


Mixing in different directions.

Whipping in faith.

A new beginning(tautology?).

I had to write. There has to be a record.

I began thinking of the different possibilities, options, ingredients.

I went to the store.

The huge bottle of Safflower oil kept calling to me.

In fact, all of the bottles under the cooking oil section sudden became product-worthy.

I could add this and that to my whipped shea butter” The convos in my head kept going on and on.

Finally, I settled for what I had.
Coconut oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Sweet Almond Oil.

That would do just fine for now.

When I was done, after application it felt rather greasy so I added water and mixed and whipped until it disappeared. I remembered some of the products I have. I checked the ingredients list. I knew water was always the first. I started making corrections.

Trial and error.

My next batch is so gonna be better.


Yes. I’m over the moon.

Yes, my dreams are valid.


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