”You Laid Aside Your Majesty”

”You Laid Aside Your Majesty”


I woke up today to the lyrics of this song and i’ve decided to share. I remember hearing this song for the very first time in my primary school. My Music Teacher then; Mr Omole taught us and throughout the 3 years i spent in that school,it was like a theme song. He tried to mix it up in different ways so it isn’t totally boring. It’s actually a slow and more of worship song (My style of music ^_^).
Buh this morning,i’m more interested in the lyrics. Funny enough, we were made to cram/memorize them and it’s been in my head ever since then. I wasn’t suprised when i remembered them.

The lyrics to me is more like a declaration. It’s gone beyond the words to a song. It carries such powerful message as brief as it is and i dunno i always have chills anytime i sing/listen/remember it. It’s by Derri Daugherty. (Had no idea until a couple of minutes ago.) and apparently has many other versions by other artistes. He/She should be the original singer. (I dunno. Didn’t have time to check it. Maybe later).

Ok so here it goes;

”You laid aside your majesty
Gave up everything for me
Suffered at the hands of those you had created
You took all my guilt and shame
When you died and rose again
Now today you reign in heaven and earth exalted
I really want to worship you my Lord
You have won my heart and i am yours
Forever and ever
I will love you
You are the only one who died for me
Gave your life to set me free
So i lift my voice to you in adoration :D”

Sounds familiar?!
LOL. I know it’s more of an ”Easter” song, nevertheless i love it :D. From time to time a sober reflection is needed to remind us of what Christ did for us on the Cross of Calvary. And i think it summarizes the Gospel of Jesus as a whole.
I hope you’re blessed.


P:S: Sorry for not posting the link for the video/audio. I am/was overwhelmed. Google is your friend. 😀

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