With You.

With You.

So i thought of you last night
Actually you’ve been on my mind for a couple of days now
I keep fighting it to no avail
It kind of has a way of making me sad
But this time i let it go
I let it take control
I let myself feel loved
Even for just a moment

I just want to stare into your eyes all day
Wrapped in your huge arms
Like a babe in a cradle
Just shutting out the world
And just live for the moment

I wanna sit with you over a candle-lit dinner and just stare and drink red wine
Yeah your gaze makes me feel safe
All my worries melt into thin air

I wanna sit with you and watch the Notebook
You know I’m a cry baby
So you’re gonna have to wipe my tears a lot.
Don’t worry we’ll fix a box of tissue nearby

We’re gonna save up and fly to Paris
Eat croissants and take long walks
Visit the Eiffel, share a kiss and fall in love all over again
Take a boat across the Seine and make wishes
Just with you

But……you’re not here
At least not yet
This realization makes me really sad
No one to share this thoughts with
You know what?!
I’m gonna wait
I don’t care how long it takes
Because at the end it will all be worth it
But until then….



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  1. And she wrote a love poem 🙂 Ebun this is just as cute as you…love it much

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