With A Grateful Heart.

With A Grateful Heart.

Hello People!

The long weekend is finally over. That was fast. I’m sorta happy it is cause i got tired of sleeping and tweeting all day. I need the end of the month to come ASAP! If you know what i mean. LOL.

Anyways on to the next one….

For a while now i’ve been believing and trusting God for something. It’s been my mum’s heart desire for almost two decades and mine for a couple of years now. A few days to my birthday two months ago, i asked God to give me as a gift before or after the day. My bithday came and went, there was nothing. I knew God was doing something. You know when they say God’s time is the best; it’s true. I didn’t lose hope. I had my doubts but remained steadfast. We prayed,fasted, sowed seeds,believing God,puting our faith into action. After a while, we just let go and let God. We didn’t even think about it. We surrended all to Him. Until two days ago, around 9am, we got a life-changing phone-call.


God had started with us. We were overwhelmed. Our joy knew no bounds. My brother and I tried to scream you know. We couldn’t contain ourselves. The screaming didn’t suffice. We decided to roll on the floor just to say THANK YOU JESUS! God was[is] finally in our household answering prayers. This was the beginning. It’s just a quarter of what we’ve been asking but still we’re grateful.

Whatever it is that you want from God,just ask. He is more than able to answer your request because He has told that we should cast ALL our burdens because He cares for us and that He will supply ALL our needs according to His riches in glory. Amen.

Have a blessed week.

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