Wishlist – Now Solutions Products

Wishlist – Now Solutions Products


Essential Oils I WANTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sweet Almond Oil


Castor Oil


Vegetable Glycerine


Apricot Oil


Jojoba Oil


Grape seed Oil


Avocado Oil


Cocoa Butter


Shea butter


Coconut Oil
Moroccean Red Clay Powder


Bentonite Clay Powder


  …………..and sooooooo many others!



I noticed this brand flying around the natural hair community especially with retailers and manufacturers and then after digging deeper, I was piqued by what I found. Apparently apart from producing a wild range of topical and essential oils, they’ve also been ”providing products and services to empower people to live healthier lives” for a while now. Translation – They manufacture products mostly related to personal care i.e food,skin,hair care, supplements and whatnot.

These are the kind of things I’m interested in. 100% Natural Organic products without chemicals. As usual, they don’t ship internationally only in the US. So I’m just gonna chill until someone starts retailing in Nigeria or better still when I go myself. Who knows, I might just become a retailer.

Until then, I’m just gonna be swooning and feeding my eyes and probably save up. You can join me here.











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