Who do you trust?!

Who do you trust?!

It’s been a while.

I was supposed to blog about this yesterday buh after the kind of day i had i was kinda hesitant.

There’s a point in one’s life where you wanna do something, for instance embark on a trip and everyone around you is against it including the ‘elders’ buh your mind is set on it. You have absolute trust and belief that God will take control irrespective of what people say.
That’s exactly what’s going on with me.
I have been trusting God for something for a while now. Right now i’m @ the point of a breakthrough. I’m about to get results for what i’ve been praying for and people have come in from nowhere trying to discourage me. I won’t say i’m in a confused state because after yesterday i decided to surrender all to God and block my ears from this ‘dream-killers’.

After listening carefully to their arguments, of- course they were right in their own way, i realised there was something vital missing. It’s called FAITH.
According to Hebrews 11v 1, the Bible states ‘Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen’. That is clearly self-explanatory.
They missed out trusting God and allowing Him to take control thereby manifesting Himself. They are only bothered about the negative consequences, the funds involved and many more. They have forgotten that there’s a God whose name is JEHOVAH JIREH (The Lord our Provider)
JEHOVAH EL-SHADDAI ( Our All Sufficient God)
JEHOVAH ELOHIM AZAR ( God our Helper).

They have totally forgotten about GOD. I thank God for not allowing me get carried away. I lost my morale for a while and almost made a wrong decision. I almost forgot the great and mighty things God can do.

I thank God for my mom. As always God has used her again as a pillar of strength and support for me. She advised me to stay away from people who will kill my morale and allow my faith and trust in God to waiver. And i’m passing that advise to y’all. Stay away from dream-killers, from un-believers that will give you wrong advise. Learn to be discreet when making important decisions. The less people know the better and whatsoever you want to embark on make sure you commit it into God’s hands and let Him direct you because He knows the beginning from the end.


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