Where are you going?



Church was awesome today as usual! It was particularly special because I could relate to the sermon. It was like God was speaking to me through Pastor Norrison.It was lovely.

He spoke on ”Where are you going?”. The Bible reference was taken from Genesis 1v26-28. I’m just gonna try and summarize my notes and then explain afterwards

  • God does not encourage us to be stagnant rather he expects an upward movement in our lives.
  • God expects us to be productive.
  • Life starts with an understanding that there is an upward movement i.e Growth
  • During that growth and development, there is a period of isolation,insignificance,confinement in which you have an understanding of where you are and where you are going. i.e Desert Experience
  • It’s a time of reflection and evaluation.
  • There’s always a pattern/process in the things of God.
  • Whatever you are going through is only for a period,God is preparing something for you.
  • Everyday you wake up is an opportunity given by God.
  • Vision, Desire, Determination, Discipline and Dedication takes us out of the desert experience.
  • Vision is a mental picture of a desired goal inspired by God himself.

to be continued…

Towards the end of last year i blogged about the fact that i was gradually becoming a loner. (Where’s Everybody?). I felt my friends had all deserted me due to new priorities. Unknowingly, i had dropped them. Last year was my own desert experience or rather still is. It was/is a period of isolation,insignificance and confinement. I realized i preferred being alone. I didn’t have friends that had the same vision as me and so unconsciously i began to withdraw. It was /is a period of reflection and evaluation. A period to get closer to God so that His plans for you becomes clear.  A period to reflect on your life and make corrections and changes where necessary.

Trust me, I know what i want now. I know that I’m supposed to live my life for Him. Everything i will do should align with His plan/will.

It feels so good and re-assuring because you know God is in control of your life. Because you know He wants the best for you, obeying Him wouldn’t be a problem. Everyday i pray God gives me the grace to continually live under His guidance and directions.


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