What’s In My Handbag?

What’s In My Handbag?


Inspired by Afoma’s post, these are staple contents of my handbag. Overtime, I’ve preferred big bags even though more than half the time, it’s barely filled. Really, I don’t understand the rationale behind heavy handbags. What the hell are you carrying? Anyways, medium sized – large handbags have my heart any day.

1. Sunglasses – for the relentless sun.

2. Hand Lotion – I have incredibly dry hands so it’s absolutely necessary even though I usually forget to use it.

3. Painkillers No, I’m not addicted. I just prefer carrying them around.

4. AN pamphlets – I’m really tired of talking about the intricacies of my hair plus I kind of need to represent.

5. Wallet – Debit cards, IDs, Passport photographs and whatnot.

6. Shawl to cover my legs.

7. Midi ringsit’s easier to remember to wear them.

8. Notebook – which I hardly ever use. I’m just so used to typing every single thing on phone.

9. Pen so I don’t have to borrow in the bank or any other place for that matter.

10. MAC Studio fix powder – which serves as a decoration because I hardly ever top up in public.

11. Lipstick – whatever I’m wearing at the moment. Also, I rarely top up. It’s just good to know it’s there in case of an emergency.

12. Clinique moisturizer Another decoration.

13. A Paperback When all gadgets fail.

14. Cellphone, charger and power bank I’m probably the only person that carries just one phone about.

15. Parasol – for the sudden rain. It’s not very pretty to get stranded in public.


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