What I’ve Been Up To!

What I’ve Been Up To!

Hi guys! Been a minute.

I promise I’m not ignoring y’all. It’s the beginning of the year and I’m trying to put things in shape. It’s January. The time to make certain decisions that would determine the rest of the year.

In my last post, I said something about taking a shot at freelance writing. Yup! So I’ve been researching and reading and I’ve seen a lot. Trust me when I say it isn’t an easy feat. I think I know the basics although it’s a bit overwhelming. It hasn’t really sunk in yet. But as a result of this, I have to put myself/ my work out there i.e. beyond the walls of this blog and by this I need to do a lot of guest posting on bigger, mainstream blogs that accept them obviously, to build my portfolio. Okay as much as I love to write and post stuff on here, I’m not YET comfortable posting stuff out. But I’m gonna have to shake it off sonner or later that’s why I took part in YNaija’s 30days,30voices plan. Yep! I sent in one of my recent posts and it was published. Next up is BellaNaija. Still thinking of what to write. Problem is I don’t particularly have a niche yet so I’m gonna have to keep thinking until I come up with one. Other than that, I’ve resolved to send in at least one post every month for the rest of the year. Wish me luck!

Aside that, I got a side job that won’t even take up to 5hours of my time weekly and you know what’s peculiar about this? Last year, I told God I didn’t want a 9-5 because it won’t allow me do other things I had planned especially since I still have school. So I told Him what I wanted and went ahead to approach a couple of people and left the rest to Him. I didn’t get feedback so I kinda swept it under the carpet. Two days ago, it sprang up out of nowhere and I realised I didn’t say thank you. It’s was totally unexpected but I’m thankful.

What have you guys been up to?


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