What I Learnt.

What I Learnt.

Hey guys!

So we had our quarterly talk show in Church yesterday and the topic was ”A Christian Home”. At first I was really skeptical about staying till the end of the service, as marriage/family is the last thing on my mind atm but I realised no knowledge is a waste and stayed back. It was basically about the ideal christian home and was handled by a panel of ministers. But there was one thing that really stuck. It was the fact that God created man and woman as ”helpmates”.

In Africa, there’s this ideology that once a woman is married she becomes the slave of her husband as she’s in charge of every single thing in the home. Infact it is/was a taboo for a man to be found in the kitchen for instance talkless of cooking. But today we were made to understand that God created the institution of marriage. Inasmuch as women are commanded to submit to their husbands, it doesn’t mean they should be reduced to slaves! They should also be made to take part in the decision-making process in the home and contribute to the overall wellbeing of the family members. Husbands are also enjoined to assist their wives especially with domestic duties or how else would they show love if not by helping out. It doesn’t make you less of a man or a weakling.

For a minute there, I felt I was ready for marriage with everything I heard. LOL. I think it’s of utmost importance that marriages are built in Christ. Or how else do you plan on fulfilling your purpose? A family that stays together, sticks together and that cannot be possible without Christ as the head of the home.

It is well. God will help us.


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