Reality Check!

Reality Check!

Life is too short!

What am i doing with my life?
Am i living right?
Does my lifestyle glorify God?
Is my life in alignment with God’s plan & purpose for me?
These are questions we need to ask ourselves on a daily basis. Life is too short. We can leave at anytime. Death is no respecter of persons. But as a Christians, we need not fear death if we are living right because we are rest assured and confident that our eternity is secured in Christ.
I’m not here to preach or give a sermon,i’m here to implore you all to evaluate your lives. (myself included). Sit back and ask yourself; what if i drop dead this very moment,where will i go? We are so busy acquiring wealth and material things,chasing dreams that we forget the reason for our existence. We forget little things like studying our Bibles and talking to God. We have totally taken God for granted and put Him in the backseat in our lives. We don’t even appreciate him for the gift of life not to talk of the mighty things He’s done in our lives.

Ladies and Gentlemen! Guys and Girls! We need to have a rethink and set our priorities right. The only thing the youths are bothered about now is money and sex like they have no intellect….( in Deitrick Haddon’s words) that they forget God is watching.
Please! I implore you, make God ur priority. Let your life be right with Him. Obey His commands. Study His Word. Live a purpose-filled life. Ask Him for directions so that at anytime death comes you won’t be taken by surprise. You would have lived a meaningful and fulfilled life no matter your age.
I pray God will help us all especially in this endtimes not to get carried away and be more focused.

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