What About Them?!

What About Them?!

Hi guys.

I think the biggest challenge i’ve had to face since my re-dedication to Christ is dealing with my old friends. I’ve always been a liberal person. I believe everyone should be given an equal opportunity. I’m also very particular about the sort of friends i keep. One of my biggest fear is to be wrongly influenced by friends or fall a victim of peer pressure;and so to avoid any sort of drama or regret later on, i try to scrutinise the people i bond with.
For like a year plus now, i’ve become very distant; unconsciously dropping friends that don’t share my beliefs and values and in return made AWESOME like-minded Twitter friends who’ve helped me grow (i’m sure they don’t know this). Not to replace them, buh to try and fill the gap so i’m not totally alone. Now the real issue is those old friends that are still lurking around. I still don’t know how to deal with them. Last night, one of those people whatsapped me. Well he had been trying to get in touch for a while now and i’ve succeeded in ignoring him until last night which was by mistake. I didn’t even spend up to 10mins before i ended the chat. There was really nothing to talk about and i was bored already. There are a few of them like that. I try as much as possible to avoid them and always give an excuse when i bump into them.
But then again, as a Christian, our lifestyle’s supposed to bring people closer to God and not push them away. That doesn’t mean the grace of God should be taken with levity. I dunno. For me, this is still a battle. Dropping old friends or influencing them positively with my new lifestyle? For now, i’m stuck with the former until i’m emotionally capable to do the latter.


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7 thoughts on “What About Them?!

  1. I’ld say – try to change them, nd if things don’t go as planned, then leave em.. Easy to say, hard to carry out.. So you should start trying to change em now nd not when you’re emotionally capable

  2. Hi, the fact of the matter is that you can’t change anyone! Only God can change people, you can only influence people positively! It took a while for my old friends to real accept am a changed man! Some of them still don’t believe how I have change! Some think it is just pretence! But I tell you that others have seen God’s light in me through my actions, inactions, speech. Physical evidence of salvation is what preaches Christ to this generation! So what I can advise you is that you pray for friends also to meet the same Jesus u met and changed you! I still acknowledge my transformation was just unbelievable for my friends but now I tell you that they look up to me for godly counsel when they are at a cross road! That’s why it should be also for u!
    Now also I advise that you to always be quick to share the story of ur new birth to ur old friends so they can know what you stand for now! That would prevent them from bringing any platform for the old man to return.
    That’s my view! God bless!

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