We Made It! :D

We made it! *screams* & *throws fireworks*
It’s 2013 baby!
Y’all welcome to my 1st post of 2013! Mehn it’s good to be alive. Thank God for preserving us even till this day! All glory & honour be ascribed to HIM.
2013 started for me in Church where we were thanking & praising God for the past year and ushering in the new one. After which my family & I had the first devotion of the year. Later on we had the very much awaited but disappointing new year breakfast. ( i woke up late so i didnt get to eat what i had planned to 🙁 ) Buh it was all good as far as i had something to eat. Anywayz the day wasn’t as ‘special’ as it was meant to be. I was indoor almost all day. The Harmattan didnt help matters so i slept most of the time. I eventually resulted to Twitter you know to send goodwill messages and at least lighten the mood.( trust Twitter to always do justice). In all im pretty excited about the new year as ive said before and im trusting God for a lot of things.
And so this year ive resolved to do the following;
1. Get closer to God
2. Learn a skill.
3. Re-join the choir (dropped out years ago).
4. Get into a ‘regular’ school.
5. Mark some things off my bucket list.
6. And not forgetting, remain Celibate.
So help me God. Amen.
Yeah i know, it’s not much because i’m still working on getting my degree so i might not have time to do a couple of things. I need all the concentration i can get. I’m sure during the course of the year i’ll be able to add a few more things buh as of now 1/1/13, this is it!.
So Welcome and Happy New 2013.
Leggoooooooooooo 😀 😀

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