We Are One!!!!

We Are One!!!!

Hi guys!

Today marks the first year anniversary of this blog. It’s been an amazing year!!!! Right now, I’m overwhelmed. I’m just so thankful for every single one of my wordpress followers, blog readers, comments and referrals. It’s been a year of drastic and substantial growth. I’ve met talented writers who inspire and drive me through this blog. It hasn’t been really easy but there was one thing on my mind all through; consistency! That’s what basically drives me to write at least 20 posts monthly and I’m glad I’ve gotten to this stage where it really isn’t a problem anymore. Anyways in the course of the year, my stats shows I’ve had

306 posts
1,515 email subscribers
Over 200 likes
Over 174 followers worldwide

With all these, I’m pretty content especially since I achieved this without the help of any family or friend. [Yeah, it’s hard to believe but none of my family members or school friends have actually been here and it’s fine by me, honestly]. So I’m proud of myself to some extent. I refused to get involved or campaign for the just concluded Nigerian Blog Awards. I didn’t feel the need to be validated or rewarded for something that has become a second nature to me. I also refrained from spamming my timeline with links of my blogposts. I figured readers will come around as long as I’m consistent enough and I’m pleased with the results so far. I might not get tons of comments or traffic but I’m satisfied with my close knit of blog readers.

It’s been an awesome year. Thank y’all for making this a reality!

Cheers to a better and more rewarding year! [I’m tempted to insert *Eko o ni baje* here. LOL!]


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