Waiting And Loving It

Today as usual, I went blog-hopping and stumbled on this more or less Christian blog: 1+ The One. I was particularly fascinated by one of the series, ”Waiting and Loving it” which features couples that have decided to wait until marriage before getting intimate/having sex. Some even go as far as implement the ”No Kissing Rule” until the alter. This is obviously due to their decisions to obey and honor God.

The first of it’s kind.

It’s amazing really. I went through the stories of some couples and I was overwhelmed with their courage and discipline to practice sexual purity. You and I know abstinence isn’t the easiest thing to do especially in recent times where the world has gone sex-crazy. It takes the grace of God to restrain one’s self from going astray and falling into temptation. But you know, one thing stood out for me, the fact that abstinence is possible and achievable. It’s something you can actually do really. And no, you’re not stupid or naive. You can actually practice it if only you can decide and make up your mind. Of course, it’s not child’s play neither is it rocket science but it’s totally possible to live a disciplined life that can and will glorify God. I know a lot of people fall by the way side and are often misled especially by their circle of friends and/or the internet. But if you really really set your mind to it and ask God to help eventually it sort of becomes easier. Your mind and body will automatically be in sync, adjust and block out some things. You won’t even think about them anymore only if you replace them with Godly content. This has to do with your lifestyle, the kind of songs you listen to, the books you read even movies you watch. The sites you visit and the videos you hide in your devices. Again, it takes discipline and the grace of God.

And for Christians that date, I think it is important to make it clear to your partner from the onset. No point leading him/her on only to have issues later on. Explain your stance and if he/she is worth it, they would stay. In fact you have no business getting involved with unbelievers. What has darkness got to do with light? Remember? Thou must not be unequally yoked. Anyways, my point is if you must date, please make the rules and set the boundaries. Have people that would follow through and hold you accountable. If necessary, get a purity ring or something.

Besides, abstinence saves you a whole lot of headache and stress, Why would you wanna trade that for anything? Apart from the fact that the Bible clearly preaches against sexual immorality, I don’t think a decent and morally upright person will stoop that low, no offence.


My name is Ebun and I’m an advocate of Abstinence.

Are you?



10 thoughts on “Waiting And Loving It”

  1. Hey! Great Post! I’m so happy we are opening up and letting the world know abstinence is not a thing of the past. It is well and thriving!!! Is it easy? No!! Is it doable? Absolutely!

  2. “abstinence saves you a whole lot of headache and stress”

    TRUE! Not just that, but the feeling of guilt and shame that comes from knowingly and repeatedly disobeying God’s word. Not fun at all.

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