It’s been a while
I felt this love
When I’m around you
I feel so vulnerable
My sensibility flies out of the window
You’re too good to be true
I can’t help
But build a wall
I don’t think I’m ready
To face this anymore
My heart is willing
But my flesh is holding back
I want to take this chance
I really do
But I’m torn
I can’t take the risk
Why does love
Have to be this hard?
Why can’t it
Have a smooth sail?
Why does it
Have to hurt so much?
But I’m gonna try
My heart is willing
To give it a shot
It’s been a while
I’m gonna take the chance
I wanna laugh again
Play pranks and giggle
Throw tantrums and banters
And just exale in the comfort of your arms.

P.S: It’s been a while. Long overdue. I feel like I lost my vibe so I went into my archives. It brought back emotions and this inspiration. Tomi’s poem also helped. I hope this continues.


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