There was this chick that used to live with us. She went to school one day and came back with Jumong season1 (Korean movie). I was hesitant at first because i didn’t really dig Indian movies. I thought all their movies were the same ( 3 hrs of singing and dancing) until i watched this one. We started with season 1 till we got to 8 and then till 12. That was the beginning of our obsession with Korean movies. Then she came home one day with City Hunter. That was where i saw Lee Min Ho. Wow! Then i saw Faith *sigh* *fans self* Imagine my euphoria even for just two seasons.

lee min ho (64)Lee Min Ho is the cutest Korean guy I have seen so far.Handsome is an understatement. His smile is just out of this world. He is the kind of guy i want to stare at all day. Yeah its bad like that. He is just the perfect guy especially  for someone like me who isn’t so crazy about abs. Yeah he’s also HOT! He has a perfect body to complement the cute face.

So i have adjusted my prayer points. :D. I just need one Korean guy that will give me cute babies and i will stare at all day.:D

Anything’s possible if you just believe! 😀

Don’t mind me! I’m just appreciating and admiring God’s handwork besides I’m a girl. These things are perfectly normal.

tumblr_m1jnrhxkxd1qis9pgo1_500Jung Il Woo is also cute buh not as cute as Lee Min Ho. He has this feminine look. It’s all good.

So lemme know if there’s any available cute Korean guy.No kidding. LOOL! 😀 😉



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