To Go Natural or Not!?

To Go Natural or Not!?

I can’t believe Lushstrands is going natural! She’s like my only hope to attaining BSL aside Daboju(of Naija Hair can Grow). Btw Lushstrands is a Nigerian girl with Waist-length hair. Ever since she was featured on Bella Naija, i’ve aspired to take up a hair journey hopefully to BSL(Bra Strap Length). So last month i started with a proper hair regimen and all after a lot of research. Just this evening, she blogged about going natural. ( Imagine my surprise!! She’s one of the very few relaxed-hairs that inspire me. She’s practically my hair role model.

Daboju is the only one left. Every other hair blogger i know of is natural. 🙁 🙁 Honestly,i’m just so tempted to go natural buh i don’t think i’m ready for it. For 6years, i was natural (minus little touch-ups of relaxers during the hols). My high school didn’t allow females make their hair and i dreaded it. For like 2years i couldn’t just accept it. Eventually i had to endure till i graduated. My hair was so tough and personally i don’t think i looked good on low-cut. I remember buying a dozen of bandanas then because i didn’t like leaving my hair out. Immediately after graduation,i had my hair relaxed. Unfortunately, the relaxer burnt my scalp so bad that for two weeks,i couldn’t touch it. 🙁

Fastforward to two years later,i’m tempted to repeat what i dreaded only that this time,i’ll have an ideal hair regimen and a healthy growth. I think if i eventually succumb to this temptation,it’s gonna be a major challenge. I don’t wanna get to BSL only to end up BCing. So i’m gonna continue watching my hair maybe till the end of the year and by then i’ll make a decision. Did i mention how much i love how naturals style their hair with accessories? Aww! J’adore! And the Curly Fro?
I think i might eventually go natural! 😉


P.S: Sorry for the repetitions. LOL

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5 thoughts on “To Go Natural or Not!?

  1. Hi Ebun. Thank you for sharing your hair story. At the end of the day, do what is okay with you and what makes you happy. It’s not the texture that makes healthy hair but the effort you put in.
    By the way, lovely blog you’ve got here 🙂

  2. I’m a Nigerian relaxed hair blogger and I just discovered your site and I’m proud of your decision to go natural. I didn’t know Lush strands was going natural!! Wow!

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