To Dunni @ 18

To Dunni @ 18


So it’s Dunni birthday today. I have a couple of things to say so I’m just gonna get it over and done with.

I’ve known Dunni for quite a while now, 9 years precisely and we just got talking last year. Crazy I know, especially since she’s like my only age mate in my neighborhood minus the guys. She’s actually my neighbor. We live opposite each other. When I moved,[she’s grew up there], we didn’t get acquainted with each other as early as I hoped as she was always indoors. Anyways, I made friends with other males and totally forgot about her. I remember yabbing and making fun of her quite a number of times . I always believed any rumor I heard about her and threw jobs at her easily. In all I was quick to judge without even attempting to know her.

Fast forward to 8 years down the line, a mutual friend of ours lodged in my house for a couple of months and somehow somehow, we became friends even after she left. The rest they say is history.

ATM, Dunni is more than a friend. She’s more of a confidant. She’s someone I’ve grown to confide in without worrying about her spilling out. She’s sort of taken the spot of my sister who’s currently MIA. She’s worth more than I can explain. I could pop into her house at any time of the day and vice versa. Even though we might not be on the same level spiritually, I’ve grown to appreciate her. I remember the day I tried to make her up for a wedding, her expression was priceless! I like the fact that she’s gradually rubbing off me. It took a while to convert her to join the Natural sistahs but it eventually paid off. LOL.

Dunni is an awesome human being and I pray that as she clocks 18 today, all her heart desires will be granted. Despite the fact that I’m sorta contemptuous towards her (I promise I’m changed :), I remember we’re not the same age and just simmer down. I expect so much from her but notwithstanding she never seizes to amaze me.


Happy Bithday Efundunni Adetutu Sowemimo
I wish you all that you wish yourself and more! :*:*
God bless you.

Thanks for being a friend:*:*

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