To A Gem..

To A Gem..


So it’s my sister’s birthday today. i hope i didn’t mix the date up again. A couple of months ago, we were at an embassy interview and i totally blanked out. I knew it was between 21-24, so i just picked one. SMH. For some reasons,we don’t live together. If I’m lucky enough, i get to see her once a year,so we really don’t have a relationship so to speak and we hardly talk. Yep! Crazy i know. She doesn’t even know that I’m a writer,hasn’t read any of my works and isn’t aware of my natural hair journey. We’re just…….Distant.

Regardless of our dysfunctional relationship, i still love her. I miss her so much it hurts.There’s a point in every girl life when she needs her sister to hold her back. Inasmuch as i try to deny it, i guess I’m at this point now.

Anyways enough of the sobbing..

Happy Birthday Mayowa!.

Wishing you all that you wish yourself and more

I love you so so much

God bless you. :*:*:*

Can’t wait to be re-united with you again.


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