Few days ago, TMC asked me to take part in a big chop interview. After going through all the photos on my HD, I realized I only had one relaxed hair photo and I needed more so I went to Facebook. Overtime, FB became an e-library sort of. I remember scanning a few of my baby pictures a couple of years ago just so that I could upload them. Anyways after going through a few albums I found this.

I think this is September 2012. If you look closely enough towards the left, you’d see a burnt patch on my hair. That’s a story for another day. Anyways, this was the only clear photo I found. Apart from the funny pose, this should suffice. And yeah that’s my kid brother. He’s a bit bigger now.


And so I decided to take a stroll down memory lane by featuring a throwback of my pictures.


PicMonkey Collage
Say hello to this cutie will you! Yeah that’s how I looked like a little above two decades ago. The eyes have it for me.     No difference at all. I heard I used to cry a lot too. Lol.



PicMonkey Collage2
That was my favorite hairstyle back then. With the beads and all. Seyifunmi Adesola, that is one photo bomb I won’t forget in a long time. I have absolutely no idea why I didn’t smile in the second photo. I just ruined it effortlessly.


PicMonkey Collage3
I call this, ”the evolution of the eyebrows”. What can I say? I’ve definitely evolved. Did you notice there’re no funny faces of any sort? Yeah I’m boring like that. Lol. ^_^
1-1-PicMonkey Collage
Started from the bottom,now we’re here.






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