This One’s For You.

This One’s For You.

My Watchtower,

It’s your birthday. It only feels right to write something. I don’t think I’d forgive myself if I didn’t especially today. So here goes.

Over a month ago, you came into my self-involved life and for some reasons, I’m smiling again. Don’t flatter yourself. It’s not entirely your doing. Okay maybe it is.

I find myself thinking and worrying about someone other than myself.
Every single day, I’m fascinated by your idiosyncrasies and wondering if guys like you still exist. Well, obviously they do in blood and bones in form of you.

You know the most amazing part? It’s not every time you find someone hovering around keenly watching over you but luckily for me, I got the whole package.


It’s a new year for you and the only thing my heart wants is to be the best you’ve ever had because you deserve it and so much more.

Happy Birthday babe.

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