This is….

This is….


I’m just here still trying to grasp the fact that Paul Walker is dead. For some reasons, I’m just sad. It’s been a while I was actually sad. My mood is a mess. Couldn’t concentrate in Church. I literally had tears in my eyes. I had to hold them back, afraid that I’ll bring unnecessary attention to myself. I can’t believe such a beautiful soul is gone. I haven’t been such a fan of the Fast and the furious franchaise until recently. Even at that, I knew the major cast. I remember going to the cinemas early this year to watch Fast 6 with Ola. We left anticipating Fast 7 which I believe will be released in a couple of years. But Paul stood out for me. Maybe it was because of his eyes. LOL. He was easily my fave after Ludacris and Tyrese you know. Wow! It’s just sad. I am sad and I want to cry.

May God grant your family, the Fast family and everyone that knows you the fortitude to bear the loss.


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