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Hi guys!

So a couple of days ago someone said my mum and I behaved and acted like friends. That comment made me smile. Anyone that has been following this blog from inception knows my mum and I didn’t start off all rosy. We were always @ loggerheads. Often times in the past, I come here to bare my heart out to random strangers ( You guys are the best btw :*) and have been consoled with soothing and encouraging words ( I love y’all to bits and pieces).

Anyways I’m pleased to announce that we’ve morphed from being the nagging overbearing mother-and-daughter to actually having a relationship. We talk about absolutely everything minus some awkward issues LOL. From Linda ikeji’s blog to Twitter to dreams, spirituality, social media and whatnot. It’s been tremendously amazing! And it’s all just within a year. There was time to actually bond and respect each other’s views. She has finally ”let me be”. I can wear makeup in peace[it was such a hassle]. I can play dress up and organize her closet. I can even go shoe shopping on her behalf because she trusts my decision.She supports me 110% and makes up for my dad’s inadequacies. She has never tried to impose any career and whatnot down my throat or anything and I simply feel blessed. I honestly can’t wait to start spoiling her silly.

And so for an absolute stranger to pass that kind of comment, I was thrilled. I felt like we’ve actually made an effort you know. And that feels great! I pray God continues to strengthen our bond because more than ever before, I need it!

I love you mum to the moon and back.

Always and Forever

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