The Struggle: Chemical-laden products or nah?

The Struggle: Chemical-laden products or nah?


I’ve heard so much about Casabella that I decided to give them a visit yesterday. FYI, it more or less a store that stocks mostly female needs and a tiny section for males. From hair to skin to makeup, you name it. They have a pretty decent collection. After scanning through their natural hair products, I saw some familiar names and whatnot. I wasn’t really interested in getting anything new for my hair. Eventually, I found my way to the makeup section. That was when I remembered that I needed to buy new stuff. It’s been an awful long while since I splurged on makeup. Anyways, I recognized some noteworthy brands, products and tried to check each one out. But all of a sudden, I felt so dizzy. I had no idea where it came from. It was supposed to be fun(or I thought). Long story short, I left there without getting anything. Although, the Maybelline colossal Kajal kept calling out to me. After which, I made my way to Poise. (It’s not my fault Lucy had bad reviews).Talk about makeup-dom. I didn’t even bother to check the wide array of products, I just headed straight to the concealer section to select my shade. I got down the names to Google reviews before buying.

This morning, while doing blog rounds on Feedly, I read this post on Bella Naija on ”Don’t Let It Rain On Your Beauty Paradewhere Barbara highlighted quite a bit of products to be used during rainy season to avoid smudge blah blah. And I’m like

All this chemicals, on my face?

Sigh. Just yesterday, I was at a makeup store. I think I understand where the dizziness came from.

It felt so wrong.

Actually it felt hypocritical especially since I’ve been trying to gradually wean myself off chemical-laden products but here I am, it seems like I’m back to square one.

It’s a struggle really.

I’d rather just invest those funds on products that would actually be beneficial to my skin rather than covering or masking it up.

But then a girl’s gotta do what she gotta do plus a couple of those products are actually speaking to me.

I’ll probably just compromise.–__–


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3 thoughts on “The Struggle: Chemical-laden products or nah?

  1. I read the article on Bella Naija and was just like OMG while reading it. I’m not fully natural concerning makeup and stuff, but that list was just overwhelming. I feel your concern dear.

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