The Struggle -_-

The Struggle -_-


At the beginning of this month i.e Saturday to be precise,i decided to try my hands on poetry and so far i’ve successfully posted 2 and still struggling with the 3rd one. I dunno. It’s supposed to be easy. I find myself struggling with lines. Most times i could just have a title and then try to build the poem around it or a line which is supposed breed more ideas buh i just get stuck. It’s taking me too long to write a verse. Most of my narratives just take me less than 30mins buh this is taking forever. Other times i feel drained. My vocabulary often fails me so i end up with mere lines. You know what kills me the most?! In my head, i’ve beautiful ideas, the real problem is putting them into writing.


I’m just here consoling myself. I’m still a novice. This is the very first time i’m trying this and it isn’t supposed to be easy. I’m cannot be a pro at this all of a sudden. I need more practice. So i’ve decided for the rest of this month i’m gonna try no matter how difficult or chessy it sounds to write 1 poem a day. Then by the end of the month, i’ll take a stand. *sigh. I so hope i improve.

I’m outta here!

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6 thoughts on “The Struggle -_-

  1. I think the issue is down to the theme of ur poetry. As in what you trying to express! Maybe if you talk about something else. You might love it more. But then this is a good starting point.

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