The Perks and Quirks Of Being 5”0


It’s not a fun thing to be short I tell you. Over the years I’ve grown a thick skin to certain things pertaining to my height.

P:S. I’m not even sure. All I know is I’m between 5”2 and 5”4. Like someone tweeted, ”That’s really short” IKR! I couldn’t care less. All I want now is some T.D.H dude to literally sweep me off my feet.

Anyways to the subject of the matter, I’ve really had to endure a lot of things from my father to absolute strangers. And so I’ve decided to talk about it or rather write about it..

First off, it’s the quirks
Before I finished high school, I made up my mind I wasn’t gonna get my degree in Nigeria. So I did everything possible, wrote all necessary exams and all. I almost didn’t wanna write JAMB. I was convinced my dad would let me travel. Lo and behold, after grad, we tabled the request before him expectant [worst mistake ever! I should have eloped]. What would he say, ”I was too small”. Jesus!!!!! Mind you I was already legal then, eligible for an accommodation and a passport. Smh. My mum had even taught me the rudiments of travelling and living alone. Sigh. My world crashed! I couldn’t accept it.. I mean, after all the exams. Sigh. For months, I stayed away from him and became self absorbed. I couldn’t forgive him. Yes! It was a big deal! Still is.
In my entire life, I never taught I would be subjected to bullying mostly from guys, especially my cousins. I don’t even know where to start from. Is it from ruining my cooking skills with their ridiculous insinuations. Or from the guy at the supermarket playing pranks on me because he thinks he can. Or for the random junkie on the street harassing me? Sigh. I could go on and on.
In the midst of my friends, I’m sort of the smallest so they barely take me serious.
I can’t wear long dresses without looking like a drag.
I think I speak for everyone[In my height bracket] when I say we(myself inclusive) suffer from short-man syndrome. We tend to be perceived as snobs when in actual fact we try to avoid being taken for granted. There’s something about shortness and levity. Some people think they can get away with being disrespectful. Smh
No one ever believes my age but are so quick to assume and assign any ridiculous age that they feel suits my height hence the makeup and accessories. I sort of have to make an extra effort in my appearance so as to avoid unnecessary stares and enquiries.
Speaking of stares,I think it’s just inevitable especially in social gatherings hence the 6” platforms.
We’re not entitled to any other adjective rather than ”cute”. In other others, short/small/portable is synonymous with cute. Now I absolutely have no problem with that. Just please compliment me with a different and pleasant adjective. Thank you in advance.

On the flip side
It’s been great I guess. I’ve learnt to accept and appreciate myself. I don’t even remember most of the time. I don’t dwell on it.. I’m so huggable and carry-able. I’m portable and loving it to pieces. I get more shoe gifts because my size is readily avaliable. Same with clothing. I’ve even stopped hoping/praying for an increase in height. I’ve just accepted my fate. I hope I eventually find a place in my heart to forgive my Grandma.[Yeah, she totally handed down her genes. That’s the only plausible explanation].And I’ve hardly had issues with my self-esteem or confidence.

But honestly I don’t think I’ve had any fantastic experience yet. I’m yet to fully grasp the fact that I probably might now grow any taller but that’s fine really. God has a plan and purpose for every single thing.


Always and Forever

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  1. Awww..i cant say i totally get what u mean as ihavent exactly been through the exact same situations but i know it must have been a bit challenging to deal with all you mentioned. However i must add that u are a really strong girl and u inspire others to be too..On another note, i have actually seen u before and i think u deserve more than cute and portable, more like pretty, charismatic,unique,and all that shebang lol..but really i think u are perfect just the way you are..keep on being confident, God’s got u always..keep doing ur thing girl..u rock xoxo

  2. Wow Ebun, this is really touching! I feel your concerns about yourself but I think you’re being too hard on yourself. The truth is that man naturally isn’t 100% comfortable with himself. We all tend to spot something ‘deficient’ about ourselves when really, there isn’t such deficiency. For instance, you had issues with your height. But IMHO I have never seen any woman who is 5’3 as short. Really. And i don’t think any other person has a contrasting opinion. That’s like the ‘perfect’ height for a woman o.

    And for your grouse with your grandma, dad et al, i find that funny sha. Relax joor. Put the past behind you and move the hell on! Lol.

    1. Did you read it to the end? My height is the last thing on my mind atm. I just felt inclined to write about it.. A kind of spur of the moment thing.

      Thanks anyways.

      1. I did read to the end. I’m only just pointing out that your height shouldn’t have been an issue in the first place because you’re perfect like that. Cheers.
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  3. LOOOL. Aww, this is nice hun. Writing about it. I can relate. I don’t know my exact height too. My mum pisses me off when she says I look like a 12 year old. Ekiti people are generally short, I don’t know how it’s my fault. But by nature, I’m indifferent so it doesn’t hurt, I just laugh it off. And I have a likable personality to make up for it. Lol. I don’t really like heels. Can’t give myself discomfort ‘cos of anybody. Like you said, I learnt to love myself.
    Great piece

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