The Evolution

The Evolution

How Y’all Doing?!

I promise i’m in a better mood today. 🙂

Like every normal regular child my reading culture has evolved. From Enid Blyton to short stories to Literature books to M&B and now Christian Fiction. I think over the years i’ve developed a flair for reading and because of that i’m very particular about the things i read. I was more drawn to Romance than any other genre. History was just bleh and Sci-Fi was just too difficult to comprehend. LOL. As usual my half-sister has had the hugest (any word like that?) influence on me despite the very short period we lived together and this is one of them. I guess it’s normal right?!

Anyways one night some years ago, i woke up to my sister reading a Sidney Sheldon novel yeah i remember. We used to share a room then. At first i was digusted wondering what was kept her till that time of the night. I think she used a torch or something. (No wonder she developed Night Blindness *rme). Well the next morning,i picked up the book, you know the regular 500 pages or so (Is it?! Now i’ve forgotten *sigh) and glanced through it. I dunno out of curiosity i guess. Anyways i dropped it quickly because the size scared me. I couldn’t imagine reading something of that magnitude. Later one, (my sister had a couple with her at that time) i mistakenly saw an Harlequin novel in her wardrobe. You know the size, less than 200 pages and the front cover and title was quite captivating i must confess. So that was how it began, i read all my sister’s books including the Sidney Sheldon i was afraid of and even surpassed her. I used the greater part of my pocket money to buy novels and i grew. From Harlequin which was kinda an inspirational romance to M&B to Sidney Sheldon to Mary Higgins Clark to Danielle Steel name it. Anyone i could lay my hands on. Infact it got to a time that back then in school i became a distributor. LOL. Yeah. Some even fought me over it. I owned over 50 novels and my mom NEVER knew till date. Wow! I was that secretive and it became an addiction. Bad bad girl!

The turning point came yeah it did. I was with a family friend one day, yeah my mom’s boss,we were quite close so i could move around the house as i wished. That very day,i came across a huge library,not that i hadn’t seen it before,i just didn’t pay attention. I was curious to know what sort of books were stocked so i picked one up and it was a Karen Kingsbury book. The cover and title was quite intriguing so i sat down and read the first page. Wow! That night i took 3 books home and 2 days later i returned them for another set. I read them continuously,steadfastly,all day,all night. My mom didn’t even bother me because she knew i had to return them. They were in series so i couldn’t stop. Before the end of the month i was done with all the books in that library and i’m not exaggerating. Mainly Karen Kingsbury and a bit of Lori Wick. My zeal had moved from romance to Christian Fiction. I was practically addicted. Now that’s a good thing.

I didn’t actually stop reading Mills & Boons until i heard a sermon. Pastor Ronke said it was written pornography (How could i not have known?! SMH) maybe because i was more interested in the storyline than the actual description. Yes! Take it or leave it! Mary Higgins Clark makes it look like a crime story. *rme. Anyways after the sermon i made up my mind not to read a novel again. Apart from the fact that i was trying to actually have a relationship with God, i wasn’t interested in messing my head and my mind. So i let go. Mind you, i have short-term amnesia,i hardly ever remember anything that isn’t important and No, i don’t have a distorted perspective on love and romance. I perfectly know what i want and what i can accept. So right now i try as much as possible to read anything Godly and inspiration that will have a positive influence on my life.

Like they say, started from the bottom,now we are here.
My work here is done 🙂

P.S: i just gave out my batch of novels. *screaming* ‘THERE WAS NO ONE TO GIVE’ i just found someone and i made sure i gave out ALL!!!! I didn’t sneak to read. I promise 😀 *cross my heart*. It has hidden somewhere in the store. :D. I know y’all believe me right?! Right?! LOOOL!

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