The Case for (Dis)Honesty

The Case for (Dis)Honesty

Disclaimer: Forgive me for coming off as amorality police but you’d have to bear with my Victorian tendencies for the sake of this piece.

The dictionary describes honesty as ”the absolute truth without any fragment of deceit and whatnot” Okay I made that up. Moving on, either way, everyone knows what the word honesty is. Just so we’re clear. I feel like we need to be reminded.

A synonym for integrity and uprightness. Highly highly underrated. Not half-baked truths or cut corners but the real deal with clear intentions. I don’t understand how you’d put up a show with good intentions right? No?
I’m particular about honesty in the context of relationships because I simply cannot fathom how some people especially guys majorly ladies would go all out and put up a facade just because and unknown to them, it has become a lifestyle they cannot change. It irks me to a large extent because I believe it speaks terribly of an individual. These days the length at which people go is appalling. Like what exactly are you thinking? How were you able to conveniently manufacture that lie?

Forgive me but I don’t think I can ever get used to the idea of dishonesty being part of our lifestyle.

I remember discussing this issue of (dis)honesty with a friend of mine and she gave me this lackadaisical attitude in return. In her defense, it’s a normality and didn’t understand why I was making a fuzz about it.

Miss me with that theory of moral decadence in the society. That it’s the order of the day doesn’t mean you have to join the bandwagon in fact I think people that are intentionally dishonest are the most insensitive people ever! Really. Just because there’s a fad where people lie and cheat to get ahead in life doesn’t mean it should be generally accepted. What happened to being virtuous and steadfast? Is it so terrible that we can’t pick out a few straightforward people that we can vouch for? Why can’t we meet people for the first time and believe their utterances without having reservations?

Some people feel it’s an Herculean task to actually be honest and because ”everyone” seems to be comfortable with being deceived to, they make no effort at all. But you know the way I see it, it starts from little things. Baby steps. From your home to your place of work and most especially in your relationships with the opposite sex, your partners and people in general. Say the truth. It saves you a whole lot of stress and future headaches. Your truths don’t catch up with you like your lies would. If you feel like you can’t handle it, the least you can do is be discreet even though I still maintain my stance on absolute honesty.

And then there’s the God factor. Proverbs 11 v 3 says ” The integrity of the upright guides them, but the crookedness of the treacherous destroys them” so also Proverbs 12 v 22, ”Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord but they that deal truly are His delight”. Need I say more?

We need to cultivate the habit of speaking the truth at all times. We’re not immune to this things, myself inclusive. There’re times we find ourselves in awkward situations we have no control over and might be compelled to tell a ”white lie”. No harm intended but just get out of the situation. I believe if we discipline ourselves enough we would get to a point where dishonesty will be kyptonite to us. Believe it or not, there are people that don’t tell lies.

I’m ready to challenge myself. Are you?


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