‘That we may know Him’

Last month in church we had a guest;Pastor David Oludairo who spoke on the topic ‘That I may know Him’ This sermon changed my perception of a lot of things and in all it changed my life.So im gonna share some of my notes and the rest later on.

  • Fruitfulness demands self service.
  • The level of love God has for us is totally incomprehensible.
  • God assumes responsibilities for those who cannot help themselves.
  • The overall goal of God is to gather everything in Heaven & on Earth in Christ.
  • He has given us the ability to abide and know Him by understanding.
  • God shaped us conformable to everything in Christ.
  • The more we have understanding,the more we know Him and the more we know Him ,the more we are able to secure our place in Him
  • The understanding we have determines our effectiveness for the Kingdom and our value in the Kingdom
  • Adultery and fornication are spiritual transactions that involve a change of destiny.
  • Only those in Him will survive eternity.
  • Christianity is not a struggle.
  • We struggle when we don’t have an understanding of where its taking us to.
  • it is possible to receive the grace of God in vain.
  • It is possible to frustrate the grace,grieve the spirit and quench the grace.this is the end of Christianity.

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