This past few weeks, I’m particularly thankful for good health[in between relapses]. For some random reasons, I don’t take my health seriously. I have this notion that a few naps would send whatever illness there is away and it works except this time. I needed motivation to take meds and a bed rest. Well, I didn’t fully oblige until I was almost rendered useless to myself. Anyways I’m better now. I think I’ve fully recovered [under a watchful eye] even though I didn’t finish my dosage[again].

I’m really trying to live up to my resolution of healthy living this year. In that light, I’ve found myself skipping meals beyond 8pm. My body automatically rejects any food. My apetite goes AWOL. Most times, my last meal would be been around 6/7pm and so I’m convinced I’m done for the day. I do not know where I picked that habit from but I think it’s as a result of continually reminding myself of these things.

Work-outs have been great so far. I think I was so consistent for about a month and then I stepped down a bit. Thanks to Pinterest, I found other effective alternatives to the monotonous jump-roping. Still trying to convince Dunni to be my jog-partner for Saturday mornings but she’s simply too lazy and would not bulge. Might eventually just go ahead without her.

Above all, I’m thankful for the ability to recognise the fact that I need to work and not take my body, health for granted.

What are you thankful for?


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