Sigh. It’s been one hell of a week. I’ve had the craziest migraine in recent times. Literally. And it’s affecting me.. My mood has been on a roll, one minute I’m snapping, the next I’m all bubbly. Sigh. But notwithstanding I’m thankful for

1. Life (Death seems to be lurking around frequently this days)
2. Sound health. [ I’ve been taking my health for granted a lot. I bask in the fact that I’m immune to any disease)
3. Toye ( Even though I’m still upset with him)
4. Ice (The heat’s been cray!)
5. Food ( Ironic! I haven’t eaten well this past week. Food suddenly seems unappealing but I’m thankful still)
6. Mr Niyi ( He’s been such a blessing this past month)
7. Mr Niyi’s daughter ( She arrived this past week)
8. Traffic – free journeys ( Lord knows I detest traffic!)
9. Picmonkey ^^
10. Youversion app ( It has a way of mandating me to read at least a chapter of the Bible)
11. Sleep ( I haven’t been sleeping well either but I’m thankful still. It’s getting better)
12. Strength ( I need a lot of it these days)
13. Smiles and Laughter
14. Sanity

What are you thankful for?


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