This past week, I’m particularly thankful and grateful for;

1. My Brothers.
This is one of those little things I take for granted. I have 2 brothers 19,10 after me both born in the month of November and I’m just so thankful and grateful for them. I’m not exactly sure I would have enjoyed being an only child. Most times, I forget the fact that I’m supposed to set examples for them but I just push the responsibility to my folks. I try really. It’s difficult. They’re boys with minds of their own; obstinate if you ask me. Recently, Osehmen lost her only brother. He was only 25 and I began to think and then pushed such thoughts especially since they’ve both had near-death experiences in my presence. This past week, I realized that I needed to be more mindful of them and stop being self-centered for a moment and just think about them.

2. Long Power Naps.
I’ve never been so much of a sleeper but lately naps have completely taken over my afternoons so much that my body clock has adjusted. Sometimes, I think I sleep a bit too much both during the day and night so I try to move all of my reading and/or writing till midnight/dawn whilst watching William Levy when I’m guaranteed to be productive.


3. Bolaji’s Big Chop.
I need to explain this. After successfully going natural and making progress, I was able to convert both of my friends. Dunni didn’t take long to agree especially since her hair has suffered a great deal. So this past Valentine’s day, I took a pair of scissors and chopped her hair off. Then, it was Bolaji’s turn. She had thick jet black hair that was as strong as a sponge. I tried to convince her for a while. Then she took the decision by herself by transitioning for 16 months; the longest of all. I don’t think she was even thinking about the BC. She was so attached and sentimental that I finally left her alone. Guess who showed up at my doorstep on Sunday morning with a pair of scissors? I’m just so glad that it’s out of the way because her hair looks so much better, defined and descent.

4. Strength
As an anaemic patient, one of those little joys is being able to function without constant meds. Yes, I know how important it is but I’m strong. I do not need them at least for now. I’m too young to be living constantly on meds.

5. My Hair
I took down my box braids last night and I’m so happy to see that I’ve been able to retain growth which is the point of the box braids. My hair can fit into a bun. Trust me, it is worth thankful for. 11 months of management and maintenance is no joke.

6. Blogging.
I think I’m finally regaining my steam. I’m trying to create schedules and routines to hold myself accountable.

7. Clarity
Over the past weeks, I’ve struggled a lot so much that I wrote an entire blog post on my decision to delete the blog. Yes, I literally hit rock bottom and lost focus. I was reckless. I allowed envy and the internet get to me. I’m not fully recovered but I’m thankful for pulling out at least. Baby steps.

What are you thankful for?


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