Recap: TFESS Graphics Design Workshop
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Recap: TFESS Graphic Design Workshop 

One of the things I decide to do at the beginning of the year was to increase my skillset. You know how you set goals and actively work towards them? Mine was skills. 2016 was my year of acquiring digital skills and increasing my capacity. Since February, starting with Social Media Week, I’ve been attending all the necessary conferences, workshops, and trainings. Towards the middle of the year, it all finally came into place. Even though I still hadn’t figured out what exact path I wanted to take, all I knew was, it had to be related to writing/content. So, I took it from there. Interestingly, content takes various forms these days including audio, graphics, text, and videos. I figured if I learned all of that, it won’t be a shabby year.

Enter TFESS Graphic Design Workshop.

Of course, I had been looking out for a well-rounded training. Something worth an investment. Something that would sustain my interest for the entire duration given my attention span and non-existent background in Design. So, at the last minute – I didn’t give myself time to overthink it plus the deadline was close – I registered.

TFESS Graphic Design Workshop

Three things stood out for me.

  • The location was super convenient.

It was such a great experience returning to my former hood. I hadn’t been to Surulere in months. It is completely out of my radar but it was great to return there. Of course, the venue was easy to find as I had been there two years ago. Although I wasn’t exactly pleased with the week long duration, the convenience made it less stressful.

TFESS Graphics Design Workshop

  • The content of the workshop.

As I mentioned earlier, I had attended several trainings previously so I was very particular about the content/curriculum of the program. I didn’t just want theory – I mean I could have stayed home and read blogs –  but the main crux of the matter.  Fortunately for me, I got what I wanted and even more. You see, each day was divided into sections. The morning section was pure theory. Everything you needed to know about Graphics Design without boring you with too many details. It was just right. The afternoon session, on the other hand, was purely practical. You learned something new in the morning and got to practice it almost immediately. I thought that was the selling point of the entire workshop. It was such that everybody had to work and present it to the entire class no matter how terrible you thought you were. I thought it was brilliant!

TFESS Graphic Design Workshop
Bryan…all the way from Port-Harcourt

It is a universally acknowledged fact that I bond faster and better with guys than girls. It is just what it is. Of course, I bond with girls but it just takes longer except well, there’s some sort of connection. But how could you establish that at the first meeting? Anyway, the guys at my session were incredibly helpful. We were just three clueless girls. Myself and two others with a zero to vague knowledge of the software. I didn’t even have anything but before I could say, Jack, I was passing my laptop to another complete stranger at the back of the class to work on just because one version didn’t work for the other. I was a bit dazed because everything seemed strange to me but then I was sitting between two guys. I had to catch up FAST! And I did. Before I knew it, I was winging it like like I knew what I was doing. Lol. I did actually to some extent.  Bottom line, the guys in my class were my heroes.

Worth noting.

Recap: TFESS Graphics Design
Victor Fatanmi of Fourth Canvas
  • The facilitators

We were taught by four guys who were super talented and believable. They knew their stuff and they were able to pass it down to us. You know it’s one thing for you to know something, it’s another thing entirely to teach people what you know. These guys made us appreciate the art and craft of design. Need I mention the all of the hacks, cheats and freebies? My content game has definitely stepped up!

  • The follow-up

As with every other training, we were made to open a Whatsapp group. The idea is to keep in touch and follow up. Asides from the constant notifications, it’s a great avenue to share your work which enables it to be properly critiqued.

Yes, I had a great time and I hope subsequent trainings will be just as awesome.


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