Taking Up Yoga

Taking Up Yoga

The last time I made a significant lifestyle decision was about two years ago when I quit soda and before then about three years ago when I went natural. 

Just like many others, going natural eventually became so much more than hair; it meant a complete lifestyle overhaul. But I wasn’t ready to go all out, it had to be in stages beginning with my hair.

But right now, I feel like I’m ready to move to the next stage. As a result of my work conditions, most days I hate the way I feel. I hate how my body isn’t strong and flexible. I hate the way I can’t run down the stairs without gasping for breath despite the fact that I weigh less than 55kg. I particularly hate the fact that I don’t have stamina. Well, I decided that I needed to take control of my body rather than beating myself over my lack of fitness so I took up yoga.

Before now, I had actually been thinking about different workout options before I settled on yoga but the more I thought about them the more unlikely they seemed for the following reasons:

  • My estate is not exactly safe for early morning runs.
  • The only gym around is also not a walking distance.
  • Most importantly, I did not want to leave my house but I needed something that was convenient and accessible hence yoga was the most likely option.

I finally got around to ordering a yoga mat (you can get yours on Konga) and frankly, I’m looking forward to it. Actually, I’m really excited about it which is why I had my first session yesterday after church and this was the result:

I definitely felt a bit sore here and there from the long period of inactivity but it surely felt good. I did a 15 minutes session with Yoga with Adriene from YouTube and it was so easy, straightforward and pretty self – explanatory. Of course, I still have a bit to learn particularly the poses but baby steps. In the meantime, I’ll be enjoying my yoga sessions on YouTube starting with 20 minutes every day.

I also plan to attend Ibukun’s yoga class soonish and maybe bond with other yogis?

I really don’t have much expectations asides from increased strength,improved flexibility and general fitness. Hopefully overtime, I reap some other benefits and also work on meditation.

Wish me luck!

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