Take Control Of Your Future

Take Control Of Your Future

Hi there.

Over the past year, my personality has basically evolved. From an extrovert with gazilion friends to a recluse with less than a handful. Sometimes, I wonder. How did I ever get to this stage just within a year? I’ve been reading tons of yearly reviews especially on 19th Street and one thing that stood out for majority of the people there was that 2013 was a year of growth. In my case, drastic and substantial growth. I don’t think it’s particularly easy for anyone to withdraw from their social scene and try to learn how to enjoy solitude. Well, here I am, one year later. No, I didn’t die.

Solitude and serenity isn’t really the watchword for any average person of my age especially in recent times. If alcohol or sex isn’t involved, count them out and I think this has attributed a lot to the non-chalant behaviour many of them possess.
At the beginning of the year, 2013 that is, I basically wanted to take control of my future. I realised I wasn’t getting any younger. This is the time to do something. Unfortunately, quite a number of my friends didn’t share the same zeal I did [Or maybe they did. They probably didn’t think anyone would be interested] especially since I was older by a couple of years. My friends weren’t exactly my agemates so to speak. So often times, our interests clashed. As time went by, I realised I couldn’t hang out with this people anymore. The last thing I needed was awkward and meaningless conversations. So I began to withdraw,gave tangible excuses and whatnot. Fortunately, a number of them don’t live in the same city I did so it was easy.

2014 is here and the only thing on my mind is how to build and develop myself before I graduate. And by that I mean, being financially independent. If possible, have a few streams of income. I always tell my mother that I don’t want to graduate and start looking for a job so she knows my stance. She knows that no matter how difficult it is, she’s gonna have to support me outside my academics. [My dad isn’t exactly enthusiastic or supportive]. I also try and encourage people around me. Develop yourself. Whatever skill or talent, you think God has blessed your with, build on it. Start somewhere, start small. Step away from being ”boyfriend dependent”. God has blessed you with as much as that guy you’re depending on and even more. Attend seminars and workshops within your area of specialty or even outside. Get internships. Get involved. Whatever it is, don’t be idle! I promise you by the time you’re done, you’ll be steps ahead of your friends.


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3 thoughts on “Take Control Of Your Future

  1. How cool is it that someone sort of faced the same issues as me in 2013.
    I’ve always being more of an introvert than an extrovert, but I’m almost forced by my job to be an extrovert.
    In 2013, I pushed myself back to being who I really am.
    I enjoy reading your stuff.
    P.S- Don’t worry about what to write when it comes to you being a freelance writer. Just write what you feel. We can’t all be “good social commentators.” After all, the same commentators we admire are just airing their opinions. Ours matter too… just write… 🙂

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