Take A Chill Pill.

Take A Chill Pill.

So I stumped on this blog ‘Landlopers’. Actually, Twitter suggested the author’s handle and for some reasons I found his bio fascinating and so I followed and clicked on the first link I saw on my timeline.

The post, ”Learning not to take things including yourself too seriously” stood out for me and so I’m gonna be sharing my favorite lines which is almost the entire article.

Don’t be an asshole. Even when everyone starts telling you you’re great, hold on to some doubt about that, because it keeps you humble and there’s someone else better anyway.

It’s a natural predilection of course. We as humans are inherently selfish, believe that we are the proverbial center of the universe. There’s probably an evolutionary reason for this, enabling our hunter-gatherer ancestors to survive. In the modern world though it has created a class of self-involved narcissists that at times can be laughable.

No matter what sphere of interest we exist in, whether it’s our family or professional roles, it’s easy to fall into the trap of praise. In the travel writing and blogging world there are some who are more successful than others and it’s easy to see them as the champions of the industry. But step back and you realize that few other people in the world know who they are. Are they really important then? No, not really. This happens everywhere, and in every profession I’ve been in. Problems occur though when people start to believe in this false hype.

The truth is that no matter how successful you get, how important you think you are in the broader context of the world you are not. It’s important to step back, to look at other people around the world and how they live and put yourself into context.

What truly successful people, not just professionally but personally, have in common is humility and empathy. They constantly reevaluate themselves and their impact on the world and find ways to improve both. At the end of the day that’s all that really matters. Not something you did great at work or how vital you think you are to everyone else, but your positive impact on the world. It can be in the simplest of ways or it can be on a wide scale, but keeping yourself in check will help you lead a happier and much more productive life.

Really what else is there to add? This article literally gave me life so much that I had to read it over and over again. Once in a while, we need some sort of reminder to set us on track and this is one of them.

Don’t take things too seriously!


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