Recap: Social Media Week Lagos 2016

Last week was the annual Social Media Week Lagos which also doubled as a brief stint in the world of 9-5ers. I’ve been in paid employment before but it was nothing like this. As a freelancer, I might not need to leave my house for an entire month except, of course for church on Sundays. SMWLagos meant …

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Between The Internet And My Sanity

It’s 2am on a Sunday morning. I have no idea why I’m still awake when I clearly have to be up in a few hours to attend first service and believers class thereafter. But what can I do? Sleep has decided to take a coffee break after a fairly long nap the previous day. What …

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Let’s Take A Look Back

Hi. So i just downloaded my Twitter archive and I’m just SMH for myself; in a good way that is.I actually like what i’m seeing. There’s been a drastic growth and improvement in the last 2 years. Sadly, some things that used to matter to me don’t anymore.  Right here I’m looking at a girl …

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