Straight From My Heart

Straight From My Heart

This is an open letter to someone very dear to me and it’s straight from my heart.

I’m sorry
No, really i’m sorry
I’m sorry i misled you
I’m sorry i didn’t take you serious
I’m sorry i ignored you all this years
I’m sorry i can’t be with you atm
I’m sorry you only have memories to hold on to
I’m sorry i turned down your dates
I’m sorry i hardly ever replied your calls and texts
Wow! I can’t believe u’re making me cry
Buh really i’m sorry
I dunno i’m gonna keep saying it
I wish there was something i could do
I wish i could change the hands of time
I’m sure we won’t be here now
Really, i’m sorry
I can’t stand the fact that you have to hide your feelings
I can’t stand the fact that you can’t be loved back
I can’t stand the fact that no one can see how AMAZING you are.
I can’t stand the fact that i’m just realising this.
Buh you know what
In all this mixed emotions,i’m kinda happy you know
Weird right,
Buh i am
I’m happy you have beautiful memories to remind you of me
I’m happy even little things like a bottle of coke reminds you of me
I’m happy random things also remind you of me
I’m happy you can hear my voice in my writings
And above all i’m happy, you’re still my friend
I dunno i guess that what i hold on to because honestly i don’t want history to repeat itself
Ok so i’m gonna stop before people around me start wondering why i’m sobbing.
Buh before then i hope and pray someday this will all be in the past and we’ll have a future to look forward to. 🙂

Love Always

Ok! I’ve done it. *phew!

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